Written specifically for UK Fire & Rescue Services, the Firelink Asset Register provides a single application for recording and tracking major Firelink assets such as radio terminals, mobile data terminals (MDTs) and vehicles, alongside callsign and user details. It also caters for fault recording and remote access to wireless access points with clickable links for remote access to MDTs using VNC.

It is much more than just a list of assets: The interaction between radio terminals, MDTs, vehicles, callsigns and users is catered for in a way that makes actual changes easy to document and keeps the Firelink Asset Register database aligned with real-life assets.

Tools are provided to assist in callsign switching for acting up/promotion chains making day to day configuration changes simple to process without the need for multiple spreadsheets and the potential for user error. Auditing assistance is provided along with full statistical analysis and exporting of data in csv format for further analysis in Microsoft Excel.

Designed to be used on daily basis by the Firelink Terminal Custodian and specific specialised users, the Firelink Asset Register is a web-based application hosted on a single server within your organisation. Secure user access is via web browser (all browsers supported) from any point on your LAN/WAN.


  • Fault recording and analysis
  • Asset tracking - Radio terminals, MDTs and vehicles
  • Callsign and user details
  • Location and area tagging

Tools and reporting

  • Annual audit assistance
  • Excel style spreadsheet export reports
  • Callsign switching for acting up/promotion chains
  • Detailed statistical analysis

Pull all aspects of the Firelink Terminal Custodian's workload into a single tool and make maintenance straightforward and easy.



Firelink Asset Register